Friday, August 26, 2016

Welcome back!  I hope you had a great first week.  Other than still adjusting to waking up before 6 AM, I am super-excited to be back and work with all of you and the students.  I wanted to thank you for your enthusiasm and open-minded approach to our inservice day last week.  Brian mentioned, and I agree, you really took the portfolio assessment idea and ran with it.  We are excited to see this evolve.


We should all talk to ourselves like this!  Enjoy!


  1. To plan and teach at least one (1) student-centered lesson.
  2. To have a social media presence professionally and participate in a twitter chat (Dept hashtag: #CVHPE).


  • Schedule Brian Robinson to come and see your student-centered lesson.He is hoping to do this before January
  • Share your lesson and a brief (even verbal) reflection about it.
  • If you find something that is good to share, tweet it to the hashtag and/or me: @tb2boyz or @principalbrob1


  1. Uniforms are still in process.  I am checking on them weekly.
  2. As equipment comes in, please send me packing slips and let me know what you received so i can authorize payment.
  3. SLO’s are due Oct 1.  Don’t forget that you need a growth measure.  You can use the same one as long as you had growth previously.
  4. Nothing official yet, but IAP’s are due around the same time. If you are differentiated, please start thinking about what you may want to do and who you may want to work with (if anyone).  If you want to bounce ideas off of me, please do not hesitate to call or email.
  5. October 7 Inservice will be Department day.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions or needs that would be served that day.  Have any suggestions to me by September 14.
  6. October 10 Department meeting will be a twitter chat and/or Google Hangout since there is no school.  I will let you know the date asap.
  7. Thank you to all staff who ran a Jump / Hoops for Heart last year.  Green Ridge was #1 in a four county area last year.  Since 2005, our Health & Physical Education department has raised $502, 367 for the American Heart Association.  Thank you and congratulations!
  8. Google Drive is going to be a major part of our professional collaboration this year.  Please let me know if you need help in this area, or contact your building ETI.
  9. Below is a great image from George Couros:



June 29: Annie Hine

July 28: George Gemberling

July 24: Leslie Burns

August 7: Doug Blacksmith

August 17: Brian Robinson

August 19: Danielle Goodling

August 22: Corinne Nealy

September 3: Bob Wolf