Friday, September 2, 2016

I loved the quotes that you placed in the comments last week.  If you haven’t gone back, definitely check them out.  Some great locker room quotes!

“The willingness to experiment with change may be the most essential ingredient to success at anything” – Pat Summitt

Weekly Inspiration:

A student-directed documentary about how an expectation for perfection and a status-driven definition of success undermines students’ love of learning and creativity, gets in the way of our ability to use high school as an opportunity to figure out what we love and who we are, and turns our intrinsic motivation extrinsic.  Somewhere between elementary school and high school, students love of learning and creating is often crushed.  This is one of my favorite looks at why!


  1. No School on Monday, September 5.  Enjoy the long weekend.
  2. Make sure your websites are up to date.
  3. Reminder to keep lesson plans accessible to admins for walk-throughs and observations.


  1. To plan and teach at least one (1) student-centered lesson
  2. To have a social media presence professionally and participate in a twitter chat (Dept hashtag: #CVHPE).


  • Schedule Brian Robinson to come and see your student-centered lesson.  He is hoping to do this before January (email to set up)
  • Share your lesson and a brief (even verbal) reflection about it.
  • If you find something that is good to share, tweet it to the hashtag and/or me: @tb2boyz or @principalbrob1

A Beautiful, Brash Mind (click here to read whole article)

Josh Rosen is the quarterback of UCLA’s football team and projected future 1st round draft pick.  He gets a lot of grief for an apparent attitude of entitlement because he questions everything.  I was particularly moved by the story of him going to businesses and selling discount cards so that his underprivileged teammates could make a trip to Hawaii with the team.  This reminds me of the dehumanization that goes on through social media and how we often don’t know the whole story.  Josh Rosen is an interesting cat!  Enjoy!


September 3: Bob Wolf


One thought on “Friday, September 2, 2016

  1. Definitely an eye opening video. I like the paradigm shift the elementary school is taking. When we inspire and can get kids motivated to where they feel they have ownership we can truly achieve results.

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