September 16, 2016

Weekly Inspiration:

This is a great TED Talk (don’t you love TED!!!) about the power of student centered learning.  Enjoy!

Shelley Wright is a teacher/education blogger living in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Currently, she serves as the high school learning consultant for Prairie South Schools. Her passion in education is social justice, global education and helping students make the world a better place. Shelley is currently working on a PhD in Curriculum & Instruction, with a focus on mobile technology & literacy in the developing world. She blogs at Wright’s Room.


  1. As the budget season comes upon us, we need to make a slight change in how we do things.  I would like to begin to create a 5 year plan for our budget.  I have created a brainstorm document for you begin to look at big things you may need/want and an approximate cost.  From there, i will create a spreadsheet with five years of requests and ideas to share with DO admin.  Included in that spreadsheet will be annual expenses too, like table tennis balls, etc.  Elementary should do this too, as it would be great to be able to have a snapshot of your long and short term needs too.  Please get in this sheet over the next month or so and add things as you think of them.  No deadline yet.
  2. I would like to do the same thing with technology.  Do you need/want portable projectors on rolling whiteboards, other stuff?  This sheet should be used the same way over the next month or so – elementary jump in there too.  I will create the spreadsheets next month sometime.
  3. IAPS and SLO’s are due by the beginning of October.
  4. PEC meets on Wednesday, please reach out to your reps with anything that you feel that you would like to them to discuss.  The focus will be PD, lesson planning, supervision guidlines, and calendar (17-18).  If you don’t know your rep, Colleen Staton is for Shaull and I am a high school rep, but we can rep you too.  Let us know!

Classroom Technique: Fishbowl Discussion

This can be done in the health classroom and the gymnasiums too.  There are a few long-form examples of it being done and a few “instructional” type videos too.  It is such a cool way to get kids interacting with each other and you can use it as a check for understanding. If you use this technique, comment and let us know how it went.



  1. To plan and teach at least one (1) student-centered lesson
  2. To have a social media presence professionally and participate in a twitter chat (Dept hashtag: #CVHPE).

3 thoughts on “September 16, 2016

  1. I’m not sure what the students on the outside of the fishbowl conversation are suppose to be doing? Do they just listen to the discussion or do they have an assignment that they can be working on if they are not in the fishbowl conversation.


    • They could listen and join the empty chair or remove someone to make a point. They could make a point in writing. Or, do fish bowl on a different topic on a different day. If it is not being summatively assessed, they could just be listening.


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