November 4, 2016

Weekly Inspiration:


George Couros, author of the Innovator’s Mindset, gives you a look at simple things you can do to be innovative as an educator.  George is an inspiration to me professionally and is part of the greatest paradigm shift I have had in my career.  His ideas helped me rejuvenate my career and start to become a true 21st century educator.


At the last department leaders meeting at the district office, we received some clarification from Steve with supporting details provided by Gary and Dr. Withum.  The key component of the new policy is the archiving part.  Google Drive is the expectation for the archive.  If any of you need a lesson in using Google Drive, please reach out to me.  I have added a brief tech tip involving adding folders and files to Google Drive.  There will be more clarification and detail provided by your building administrators in the coming weeks.  If you are already planning, please continue as you have been, and simply work toward archiving the plans in the drive



  1. Budgets are likely to be due sometime in November.  If you want to start working yours, here are the sheets: Eagle View, Good Hope, and the High School
  2. MEETING TUESDAY.  Agenda is open if you have anything to discuss, please add it with you name after it in case we need clarification.
  3. ELEMENTARY: I have bee asked to provide some feedback on the tablet computers you were given last year.  Please e-mail me the following: Are you using it? Things you like?  Things you don’t like? I’ve only heard from two so far.

TECH TIP (Good for lesson plan policy):


  1. To plan and teach at least one (1) student-centered lesson
  2. To have a social media presence professionally and participate in a twitter chat (Dept hashtag: #CVHPE).

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