November 21, 2016

Weekly Inspiration:


An oldie but a goodie.  In this world of radical opinions on social media that can affect our own psyche and change who we are, it is important to remember to seek out positive things on the Internet.  Remember that YOU ARE A CHAMPION for our students and no matter what social media is saying, we can, should, and do make a difference.


  1. Here is a doodle poll to decide the best date to work on curriculum marketing for high school, curriculum feedback for middle school, and assessments and collaboration for elementary school: DATE POLL  You will get trade time and ACT 48 for this one.
  2. Budgeting is underway.  Deadline has not been given yet, but think second week in December.  Also, populate the 5 year budget as well.
    3. HIGH SCHOOL BUDGET (all HS teachers use this sheet)


Google Keep is an app that is identical to evernote if you use that.  The difference is that this integrates with your Google Drive account.  You can share “to do” lists, articles and other things.  It will connect to your phone and tablet as well.


  1. To plan and teach at least one (1) student-centered lesson
  2. To have a social media presence professionally and participate in a twitter chat (Dept hashtag: #CVHPE).

One thought on “November 21, 2016

  1. I am thankful to work with teachers who may very well know our student body better than any other group. Thanks to those of you who have invited me and to those who are planning on it! Thanks to those of you being flexible and helpful to your peers and in your buildings. I hope everyone finds a little (or BIG) slice of R and R this break.

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