February Dept Meeting BLOG

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MEETING AGENDA (please comment & discuss in lieu of meeting in person):

  1. Next Wegmans Night?  Please take doodle poll
  2. Curriculum is due to me by March 31 for review.  Please try to meet with me if possible.
  3. New policy coming that schools are only allowed one fundraiser per year.  This affects Jump / Hoops for Heart and puts it in direct competition with THON.  Jump / Hoops is so important to our curriculum, I am wondering if we want to get together as a collective voice to discuss coexistence.
  4. Next year, I am likely to be doing the elementary PE budgets to allow for pooling of resources.
  5. Elementary, we have been asked to create a building inventory of our equipment.  I will create a Google Sheet for this to be done.  Can we achieve this by April?
  6. As field day approaches, we have been asked to have a standard form for the request of student helpers.  This form is where we left off last year.  Please review and comment so that this can be finalized and vetted with admin.
  7. SUMMER PD FOLLOW-UP:  Here is a great resources on portfolios both for students, teachers, and administrators
  8. New tech learning module coming soon.  Its called atomic learning.  I can run a demo for anyone that is interested.  This has courses for every level of tech.


Dec 28: Colleen Staton

Dec 28: Mike Langan

Feb 2: Eric Richardson

Feb 2: Seth Lehman

Feb 17: Mike Orfanos

Feb 26: Jamie Croft