May Department Blog

Curriculum goes to board!

Friday, May 12, 2017, the education committee will (hopefully) approve the curriculum maps from the new curriculum that was written. When approved it goes to pilot for next school year where we use it and provide feedback for adjustments. Full implementation will happen the following year.

Atomic Learning to Replace EDUPlanet next year!

The school district is moving to a new online PD platform that will streamline and make things much easier to complete. It’s called atomic learning and it is available now if you would like to use it. Just click the link and use your novell login. Most of the sessions are trade time eligible with approved RPL.

Technology Update

Laptop carts are going to be updated and collected at the end of the school year. Devices will be collected at the direction of the technology department at the end of the school year.

Professional Development

June 5, 2017: Schoology Training in the morning. The afternoon is still being discussed. I am hoping we can get together as a group. Stay tuned…

Monday, June 12, 2017, from 8-4, we will be doing new curriculum planning for next year. You can register on 48 carats now. Hope to see everyone! There will be a brief group session, and then we will break out by level.

On Thursday, June 15, 2017, from 8-4, I will be running a Health & Wellness Innovation Workshop at PATTAN in Harrisburg. The cost is $45 and you can register at Mr. Kirkpatrick has said that there is money available if you would like to attend. Please complete an RPL. It is going to be awesome!

Things for Next Year:

With the change in curriculum, I have been considering (and asked by D.O. admin) to look at the secondary uniform policy. I know where most of you stand on the policy and realize whatever is decided will not make everyone happy. I am going to vet this with admin, but before I do, this DRAFT policy is open for comment by you. Please do so by next Friday, May 19.

As you wrap up this year and think of needs that you have for next year, please begin to enter budget items for next year. Keep in mind that we want to keep a five year plan for budget items so that we can plan for bigger expenses.





9 thoughts on “May Department Blog

  1. The one thing I will always remember about Teri is that she was always an advocate for her kids. She defended them, complimented them, and never forgot about them. She brings back her ex Green Ridge students to help with field day and has been doing that since I have been here. She will be missed.

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  2. Teri will be missed at Green Ridge. In fact, we are all in denial. However, this retirement is well-deserved! She is the only person in the school that can tell you what bus number every child is assigned. She cares so deeply about each child. She makes her lessons so that she meets each child where they are physically. She also looks to incorporate other skills into lessons such as math. My only request of her as she heads to retirement is that she leaves me notes on the reminders she gives me each year about the different upcoming activities! I will miss her!

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  3. Teri is one of the most dedicated, caring and compassionate people and educators that I know! From the moment I began my career at CVHS, it was obvious that Teri was someone that truly cared about kids. She taught Adapted PE in any space available at the high school (lobby, stage, etc) and found ways to make every child feel successful and enjoy PE. She was a highly respected and outstanding field hockey and softball coach. I admire her energy, spirit and love of teaching! She continued to look for innovative ways to teach her students and still has the same enthusiasm as she did when I met her nearly 29 years ago! Teri, you started as a mentor to me and have become one of my dearest friends! I look forward to your Emeritus status when you can be my co-teacher. Enjoy every minute during your next adventure!

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  4. Terri so many children have been blessed by having you as a teacher. Your love for them and your profession is a wonderful example to all of us. You always have put the children first and have gone above and beyond to excel in all that you do! From dressing like a bunny to being present at special events…I can only hope to have the impact on children and your coworkers the way you have! Congrats on your retirement and thank you for being such a great example for me to try to emulate!!! ❤️

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  5. Teri:

    Congrats on an outstanding teaching career! it is obvious that you are well loved by both students and your peers! Best wishes to relaxing and rewarding retirement!

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  6. Terri has been a great colleague to me since I started in 2004. Hard to believe it has been that long😮 From the stories I’ve heard and the many costumes worn she was in it for all the right reasons, the kids! You’ve touched thousands of lives throughout your years of teaching at CV and I’m sure in your retirement you will continue to touch many more!

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  7. Teri,

    How fortunate I was, and am today, to have met Teri Ferster! In 1983, I was a senior at CV and had the opportunity to be an athlete of hers in softball. She was awesome! Her energy, her love for her team/school and her willingness to get to know us, as people, is what I remember most. Any high school athlete, contemplating their future in athletics, needs a coach to guide them and Teri was that person. I believe, my enthusiasm and love for coaching, is because of her. Fast forward, four years later, I had the opportunity to teach for Teri while she was on maternity leave. From building to building I went teaching Adapted PE, trying to do what she does best – loving kids, respecting the profession and building relationships with colleagues. Not sure I did it as well as she did, but I tried my best! :0 Then, years later, finally having the honor of being one of those colleagues. She and I are a bit (no comment) “old school” in our hearts, but she always led the way in giving things a try. I respect that and I love that about her. I will miss you, Teri, but please know that the impact you have had on me is tremendous. It is an impact that stays with me when I am a coach, a mom and a teacher. You deserve what is ahead of you and I hope you enjoy your retirement.

    Love, Leslie

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  8. Teri,

    While I did not get a chance to work with you per se…. I did live vicariously through Jenn (2nd grade teacher at Green Ridge and current boss of Clan Robinson) who has been raving about “Teri this, and Teri that” since she joined Green Ridge in 2007 so I feel like I knew you better than I do! Thanks for inspiring students, peers, admin, and everyone in between. Enjoy “retirement” all though what I DO know about you indicates that you will be just as busy.

    Thanks and congrats!


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  9. I want to thank everyone for their kind words. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with such an amazing P.E. department. I’ve grown so much as an educator in the past 34 years. In fact I think I’ve done my best teaching in the last 5 years. I didn’t come from college educated parents and they didn’t feel it was necessary for me to get a college degree. My love for field hockey and dreams of becoming a P.,E.teacher and coach made me determined to go to college. I took out a student loan and applied to Lock Haven and off I went. God has taken good care of me over the past 34 years and has blessed me with an amazing career! It’s tough to leave but it’s time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life. I recently had my Golden Retriever Maddy certified as a therapy dog. My next dream is to take Maddy to hospitals and nursing homes and let her brighten the day of the people she meets.

    Keep in touch!

    Love and prayers,

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