Memorial Day Week


I had the chance to go to the curriculum committee last week to present the high school, middle school, and elementary school curriculum. The board was very happy with the direction we have gone. Most of the discussion stayed on the high school electives. The expressed that they appreciated students having choices after the two required courses. They asked that we look to bringing back the athletic training class some time down the line. All in all, it was super positive.

On a personal note, I would like to publicly thank our curriculum writing teams: Doug Blacksmith, Donna Rupp, Jamie Croft, Cecelia Clippinger, Eric Richardson, Colleen Staton, and Brian Rupp. Your hard work and countless extra hours helped to shape the vision for the future of department and the district. While the board thanked me, you truly deserve the credit. THANK YOU!

Also thanks to our administrators who walked us through the tough times and a few frustrations: Brian Robinson, Rob Martin, Judy Baumgardner, Gary Quigley, Michele Virtue, and Matt Treese. Your support and ability to bring calm helped this happen.

Now the work begins… let’s invest and make these courses great.


In the name of not doing too much too soon, we are going to continue with the current uniform policy at the secondary level. I will be doing PO’s for the uniforms in the coming weeks. Please make sure your order is in the sheet.


Thank you to all of you for running great field days. I get to hear feedback from district admin and it is always positive. You truly make a difference with kids.

The use of the Google docs and sheets have been well received with our high school attendance secretaries. It truly made their jobs easier. Any feedback on your end of thing?

GREAT VIDEO: 2 Myths of education with Seth Godin



May 26: Activity logs due as directed by your principal

June 2: Half Day for students

June 5: AM – Schoology Training in building

PM – High School New Curriculum planning

Middle School PBL Training in HS IMC

Elementary new curriculum discussion at HS

June 12: Full day New Curriculum Training (register on 48 carats)


2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Week

  1. On June 14 I am holding climbing in-service. 3 hours for a morning session and 3 hours for the afternoon. Sign up and come enjoy a few hours of what Eagle View does. Summer hours count towards next year logs.


  2. Congrats to the entire department for taking this GIANT step forward with regards to curriculum and a fairly decent sized change over in staff and teams. Good luck and enjoy the summer. I will see everyone June 5th for a bit.


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