SOTD February 2019

Greetings team! I hope that the second half the school year is off to a great start. Plans for next year are in full swing. Budgets are still being discussed at the district office and they will get back to us if we need to make any cuts. So far, things in that regard have been positive. I will keep you posted. Mountain View is on schedule to open. They are hoping to get the keys in March – the gym is incredible!


At PEC, Dr. Withum discussed ever-rising enrollment and plans that are being made to deal with it. His talk was about 45 minutes, but the crux was that we will be looking at realigning the district somehow in the coming years. Nothing has been decided as of yet, but Dr. Withum expressed that he liked Alignment #2 – stay tuned.


There will be two required training for next year that you will have the option to do over the summer.  One is Skyward, the new student management system replacing CV-SIS; and the other will be Diversity and Special Education. Each will be a half day training. Information about those trainings will be coming soon. If approved on Monday, February 11 school board meeting, it is looking like the first student day of school, originally August 26 will be another staff inservice day. That day will be for Skyward and Special Ed training unless you do it over the summer, then it will be a flex day.


With the ESSA law in effect, the department of education has added some regulations related to teacher evaluation. Everything is the same except, the ratings of “Effective” or “Ineffective” have been added. In a nutshell, the scores from domains 2-4 plus your SLO will determine the rating. Here are the guidelines that explain the 82-1 for next year.


I am sure that you all saw the recent article in The Atlantic, Gym Class is So Bad That Kids Are Skipping School To Avoid It . If not, I highly recommend it. Stephanie Morris, CEO of SHAPE America wrote an excellent response to the article. While it does not paint a favorable picture at first, it does tie together what the future should look like. The negative parts of the article are definitely earned and something that the profession should look at introspectively. As my colleagues at the high school say when talking about the F.I.T.T. principle, we must make sure to include the “E” for enjoyment – turn the students on instead of turning them off. I feel strongly that we made the right decision four years ago to focus on including student choice in our curriculum. While we may have some ground to cover since it is still new if we keep “telling our story” things will end up where we want them to go. Keep in mind that we are playing the infinite game.


How Self-Compassion Supports Academic Motivation and Emotional Wellness

The fitness industry is booming. So why are P.E. classes disappearing?

Overcoming Fear of Using Technology starring Donna Rupp and Amber Sim (podcast)


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